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The MC Construction Management Team offers each client a wealth of construction knowledge and experience.

Beginning with the internal communication process, each client has the ability to easily access the Project Superintendent as well as the Project Manager. The cordial exchange of information, and requests thereof, between the Architect and Construction Team completes an intricate balance of information, timely construction completion, and direction turned construction. The entire body of MC Construction's Subcontractors benefit from this cohesion thereby ensuring each projected completion date is a reality.

MC Construction's documentation process is at the forefront of the construction industry's elite. These administrative procedures—initiated with every project start-up—have faithfully served the "on time" owner turn-over rate.

The professional essence of the MC Construction Management Team is further reinforced by the quality of the front-line managers, MC Superintendents. These professionals exude skills sharpened through years of commercial and retail construction. Based throughout the United States, MC Superintendents provide quality, hands-on building experience with a take charge, self-initiated attitude. This directly compliments the "roll up the sleeves" management style that focuses on the specific desires of each individual client. All MC Construction Projects Managers and Superintendents have completed the OSHA 30-hour training course certification.


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